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Father's Day 2014 - Crafty Gifts
Father's Day 2014
My boyfriend has two kids who live across the country and unfortunately, he won't be able to see them for Father's Day this year. I have a few questions-First, would it be weird for me to get him something, just a little something random (we've been living together for almost a year), or is that something only a wife/child should do? I see these cards from wife to husband for father's day, telling him what a great dad he is-they're very true for him. He's a fantastic dad, but we're not married (and his kids are from his former wife, and I have no children), so it doesn't completely fit. I wanted to get (or make) a card, and get him these cute grill themed potholders, a grilling kitchen towel, and some steaks for us to grill out for him for father's day-He loves to grill. I was also considering making an apron for him to wear while grilling, but I'm not sure if it would come off a bit too girly? I found this cute one on pinterest, and I wanted to add a denim bottom to it, and add this cute father's day tie I found (it says "it takes an extraordinary man to be a father" or something like that) but I can't decide if that would come off too girly, too cheesy, or just plain weird? I've included a picture of the apron just to help with your decision. Thanks!

Not my image-I found it online. Just for reference.

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