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Crafty Gifts

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We've all been in this situation--you'd like to craft something for you roommate, boyfriend, wife, or mother-in-law.... you know they like strawberries and they're in medical school--but you're stumped!

Pick the brains of crafters just like yourself! This community was set up to discuss practical crafty or do-it-yourself gift ideas for those hard-to-craft-for folks in your life. Share ideas--and pictures of the finished products. :)

Update as of 3/22/05 - we are no longer allowing advertising within this community. This community was set up for crafters, by crafters, as a way to get ideas to *make our own gifts*. All advertising posts after this date will be deleted. Thank you!

When making lengthy posts, or posting photos of your finished work, please use cut tags. You don't know how they work? Visit this link for more information. :)

Looking for ideas that have been posted previously? Visit our Memories Section!

Looking for creative ways to wrap your gifts? Check out giftwrap!

Happy crafting! :)

silverstah, Crafty_Gifts Moderator